When to separate?

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    so as the subject says, my buff orp. is hatching out some Delaware's.. i made a separate coop for the mom and babies, but i don't know when to put them in there.. should i wait till the eggs hatch to move them into the other coop or should i move them while still in the eggs... so that way they are born in the separate coop till they are ready?

    they should be coming sometime next week.. Wednesday of next week is there 21 day mark so they should be here next week/weekend..
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    Oct 16, 2009
    Could you separate an area off in the coop whilst she is brooding? (Cardboard petition or the like)

    I personally don't like to shift a broody who is on eggs as they can desert.

  3. cletus the rooster

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    i would suggest not separating.once they hatch momma wont let anything near them and you will not have to re integrate.my buff orp hatched 5 of her own and 5 barred rock.there was never a problem leaving them all in with the rest of their flock.momma even got her point across with the dog when he got too close [​IMG]
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    ok i just heard you should seperate because i have 2 auraucannas (not spelled right) and they are very, very mean! i say that with an exclamation point... lol and also my chicken coop is not really big enough to portion out because the other buff. flys around to get way up high, and the only open space to put it is where she lands so she wouldnt be able to get done from where she flys up 2..

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