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    When treating my flock for mites I know that I need to clean out the coop and treat the surfaces, but what about the run? Seems like a huge undertaking to completely clean out all of the bedding etc. in the run. Any suggestions for how best to handle this? I plan to use a permethrin poultry dust to treat the birds, should I purchase a liquid version to treat the coop? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    When cleaning out a parasite infested coop, you can dispose of the bedding in plastic garbage bags. You can take it somewhere on your property and burn it. If you live in an urban area, put it in the garbage can and set it out for collection.
    Dumping it into the run would be defeating your purpose, the parasites would reinfest your chickens.
    Once you've treated the inside of the coop with permethrin dust, add fresh bedding. Then lightly dust it with the dust and 'pat' it down into the bedding, same for roosts and nests.

    Actually, the easiest way to dust the inside of a coop is to close all vents or put old towels over them to cover them shut.
    Next, put a large handful of permethrin dust powder at the coops opening where the chickens go in and out of the coop. Then get your leaf blower or yard blower and hit the dust full blast. It'll look like a smoke bomb went off inside the coop.
    The dust will settle in every crack and crevice inside the coop. Once the dust settles, add your new bedding and lightly sprinkle the dust on the bedding and pat it down. Done.

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