When will my hens lay eggs


Feb 17, 2020
My hens are 21 weeks old and I know they are in the right egg laying age. They are showing all right signs , but still no eggs? Could it be the day light? We live on the East coast and are not getting a lot of day light time. They also sleep in their nesting boxes ( I thought it was because their coop was too small, they’ve since moved to a larger, more comfortable residence. ) maybe they aren’t sure what to do? I did purchase some fake eggs but haven’t used them yet.
many suggestions?
I have 2 RI reds , and a Brahma - there’s also an Easter egger and a Australorpe... only the Easter egger and the ri reds are showing signs of being ready. The others aren’t. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. You’re right patience! Thanks.

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