When will my rooster accept new girls? Or won't he?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by swordgeek, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    Another rooster question... Here's the situation:

    Prince had 4 hens with him, all the same age (2+ now). One hen died unexpectedly, leaving 3 hens. Then one moved indoors, leaving 2 hens. I would still free-range that one with the other birds - but he would ignore existence when they were out there. Fast-forward 6 months, and the indoor hen moved back outdoors, and 5 pullets moved in as well. 4 pullets are now about 14 weeks, and the silkie is 6-7 months and not laying yet.

    The roo isn't trying to mount anybody except the one hen he's always gotten to. And he's not mean to the new girls or the former house chicken. These 6 birds have been co-existing with the roo and his 2 hens for 7 weeks, and he just doesn't seem to realize they're part of his flock now! He guards and herds his old girlfriends, but not the others. Not at all. Will this ever change? Is he going to step up once they're all of wooable age?
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    Just give them time. A flock of pre-teen girls don't hang with their parents when they are let loose at the mall. They want to hang separately. Once they mature, they will merge into one flock. And don't be surprised, even if they are hanging separately, if the rooster goes over to break up any pecking order fights the girls get into or if he does defend them if they need it.

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