When will this coop be done???


11 Years
Apr 18, 2008
Boonsboro, MD
I'll never, ever, ever ask DH for a favor again. I was surprised when he agreed to build a chicken coop for me this spring. I had it all planned out using 4x8 sheets of plywwod -- minimal cutting! A simple slanted roof! We could do it in a 3-day weekend!

But DH had other things in mind....my simple slanted roof became a gable roof with drip edge and architectural shingles, the plywood replaced with some fancy planked thing, the interior is being lined with tyvek, and the project drags on and on and on....

Yes, it's cute--but 4 months later, it still isn't done. Luckily, a friend had a tractor leftover for my birds to live in.

Tell me -- is there a marriage left once the coop is finished?
Our coop went a similar way. Now my wife says it was worth the wait. There is more to life than chicken coops!

Coop building does strain a relationship at times!

It sounds like he's building you a "dream" coop, and you'll appreciate both the coop and him when it's done!
..LOL...i do understand...sometimes my hubby is mighty slow about getting things done..:mad:..but..at least your coop is gonna be a cute one!!...
...so he's making an effort for you..going through all the extra trouble to make it nice and stuff...just kill him with kindness....
.......as for me..i just kill 'em..
...good luck..and it sounds like a cute coop!..Wendy
Yeah, my simple, $100-sh coop plan went out the door when dh wanted to do something better, something I couldn't build by myself like the one I had envisioned. It has *only* been two months, and progress is *finally* being made, and I really love the coop we're getting instead, but man, i could have made the other one *myself * in a couple of days, and two months later I'm hoping the finish date is only a month or less away, my craft room is brooder central with dust on everything, and the cost of the coop has gone up ten times from my original plan--but this coop is going to be great this winter. I can't wait to get these babies moved into it!
Just curious if anyone has ever taken a poll on... What percentage of this forum is female? It seems like I am the only fellow on here (what with all the DH's and such going on
). So am I all alone? Are boys allowed?
i like boys!!..
...the more the merrier!..ooh wait..that could be taken out of context...
I wish I could blame my DH but I'm the one who does all the coop building and I'm the one who makes it so complicated.

My first coop took 3 years!!!! I laid the foundation then got laid off, no money.

Got another job, the next spring framed it, roofed it. Family traumas, husband got laid off. No more building that year

Next summer late I finally got it finished too late for chicks. Oh well, letting it sit empty through a long heavy snow winter let me know it could withstand a snow load without leaking or sagging.

My current and third coop is taking FOREVER, because I'm dong a ton of detail work to make it look really nice. I was hoping to have the second story finished today but my drill died. Have to wait a week until payday to buy another one.
What I've learned is, a coop is never finished.

Amen to that! Just when I think the coop is 'finished' I visit BYC, get serious coop envy or get wonderful 'new' innovative ideas and start planning the next re-model...


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