when will this hen start laying?

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6 Years
Jul 1, 2013
bruce mines
This is luna, she was born in may sO shes 4 months we found an egg which was small but we dont know if shes old/big enough to lay im sorta new to this so i dont have extreme knowledge so could it gave been hers? And ask for more pics if wanted
If she was hatched in the month of May she could be any where from 13 to 17 weeks old. A little young at any rate to be laying already. The picture looks like she is closer to 17 weeks than 13 but her comb and wattles are still flaccid and pale. A hen on the verge of laying and especially a straight comb hen on the verge of laying will have a swollen bright red comb and face with a texture like that on a ripe strawberry.

The black color in her DNA will not let the red express its self as clearly as it might in say a RIR or Leghorn but the swelling of the face and comb will still be very noticeable. Good luck with her.

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