Where are my chickens USPS?Evidently they are no where :(

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    Okay, I had 7 adult chickens shipped express mail on Monday. The estimated delivery date was this morning. The tracking number said my chickens left New Orleans yesterday at 4:15pm. The problem is that I only live 30 minutes away from New Orleans, and the post offices that recieve the shipments from New Orleans do not have my chickens. I have spoken to three post offices and they are no where to be found. The truck that left New Orleans yesterday after 4 has already unloaded at my post office, and no chickens. How did my chickens just dissapear over 30 miles? I am so worried.

    Edited to add info

    Well, my dh went to the New Orleans post office, and the chickens are not there. They said that they put them on the express mail truck last night. They never arrived to their destination. One thing I found out was that the express mail truck is subcontracted out. There is no way to find out who was driving or anything. I wonder if priority mail would not be a better choice. I wonder how long can the chickens live with only apples and pears since Monday? Anyone know.
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    Oh no!!!! I hope they get to you before it's too late!!
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    I second that....

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