Where are the most awesome growing neighbourhoods in the US?

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    Mar 9, 2013
    Hi All,

    I am a newbie (my first post) and have an interesting question for you all.

    This forum is made up of relatively keen growers and nuturers of not only chickens, but pretty much all things, making it an adience I cant help but ask the broadest question of all.

    I am in Cape Town, South Africa. We have an enviable Meditteranean climate. It is hot and dryish in Summer and cool and wet, but never freezing in summer. Growing things is easy. I am a keen veggie gardner, have a few fruit trees and a trio of chickens with a black soldier fly farm and worm farm to boot. I also breed rare clivias.

    I am now thinking of moving my familly on, in a few years time and starting to investigate where I would like to move to. Up to now, due to my British ancestry, I have only been looking at small towns in the South of England, but a friend has encouraged me to consider the States. When I start my investigation, I would like to look at somewhere that I can enjoy the perfect environment so here goes...

    If we exclude the major cities or anywhere too isolated, and anywhere too cold or too hot (making a growing lifestyle a challenge more than a pleasure), which states have an abundance of rural or semi-rural neighbourhoods or smaller towns, where large plots are the norm and people dont mind chickens (or roosters) or the odd barking dog. Somewhere large enough to have decent schools for my boys, but small enough to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I want to be woken up by roosters rather than house alarms, but want to have access to shops and schools (relative access to univerities one day and so on). Employment may be an issue, but lets not ruin a good discussion worryin about that for now. :)

    Any ideas?

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    Bowdon, GA
    Hello Jon. Well we live in a small community west of Carrollton, GA which is a college town which brings with it many benefits, The climate in Georgia can get hot .....Usually we top at 100 degrees F, but last year we had a long lasting heating wave that was very unusual.

    We have a small homestead farm/full time farm and enjoy our lifestyle.... I wish you great luck as you plan your future and pray you will find a blessed location. There are several resources on line which would help you with general information regarding farming locations.

    If you are able to voluntter some time you might want to join up with

    This would give you an opportunity to do some volunteering in farming and see if the area you volunteer in is one that you might like to have permanent residence in . Have a blessed day. Nancy
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