Where can I find/order organic oyster shells in bulk?


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Jun 8, 2020
I have 13 chickens and notice they consume a lot of oyster shells! A 5 lb bag of scratch and peck’s organic oyster shells is too expensive for me to maintain, at $16.99. I’d love to order it in bulk but they don’t do that, anyone have any other organic/bulk ideas?
Thanks so much!
I dont think there is such a thing. Oysters are filter feeders , they live off of microscopic material floating around in the water.
To be raised organically, they'd have to be in a completely controlled lake, bay or tank with circulation. it would take billions to do that.
It has nothing to do with growing your own oyster beds :lau :lau :lau
You may have already answered my question, as I get mine for free.

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