Where can I own livestock?????

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    Mar 15, 2017
    Hi, I'm just your normal backyard farmer but now I'm tying to get into more animals. I'm wondering where I can figure out where I can own horses, goats, pigs, and of course my chickens. But I'm currently in Roseville MI but if anyone knows of some areas around that general area within reason where I can own all my livestock I would love to spark a conversation. Please any answers would be greatly appreciated thanks for reading

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    The best source of information about where you can own livestock and what kinds of animals are allowed would be your county office, specifically the zoning ordinances. Zoning determines the allowed use of specific types of properties.
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    ^What they said.

    In my area, I live in the outskirts of town, zoned rural residential. Per every acre, they have a number of "animal units" you are allowed, based on the weight of the animal (40 chickens per acre, for example). They also have requirements where you need to own X acres to do what you want, otherwise you need to apply for a permit for your desired animals. They have other added technicalities like no "breeding facilities", which is defined very loosely, and I can only assume is a preventative against puppy mills (BUT could include most other animals, if someone had a complaint against you).

    If you find any of these rules apply to where you live, I would strongly suggest rabbits. You can keep them hidden from view, they are quiet, and they don't stink too bad.

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