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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by AutumnDreamer, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Apr 17, 2011
    My neighbor complained about my chickens. Now I have none [​IMG] I was under the impression (b/c EVERYONE has them, and b/c I live in an AGRICULTURAL TOWN, with an AGRICULTURAL high school) that as long as I don't have a rooster I can have chickens. NOPE! I live on a full acre, apparently chickens (or any farm animal regardless of size) is only allowed if you have a minimum of 80,000 sq ft (which is just under 2 acres) and then you can only have 3 chickens per acre. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    So I have decided to work toward getting this changed, but I don't know where to start?
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    Jun 7, 2011
    NE Wisconsin
    I would advise that you find other responsible people in your community that are keeping chickens and rally some support. The more people you can enlist in your quest, the better! Do you have a mayor? An alderman? A village administrator? I'm not sure the size of your town, city or village, but seek advice from allies that are participating in your local government. Or, get involved yourself! Find out exactly what your community has on the books regarding chickens. Get yourself educated on why backyard chicken raising is a growing trend, and present that information to the person or individuals responsible for making changes to community laws. Try not to get frustrated or discouraged... most people and communities are resistant to change. But, with the right attitude, and a host of community allies, you can make it happen!

    And, most importantly, go and befriend the neighbor that lodged the original complaint. Find out WHY s/he didn't like that you were keeping chickens. Even though it is perfectly legal for me to keep chickens in my backyard, I talked to my neighbors about it first to gauge their feelings on it. (Ok, I talked to ONE of my neighbors... the other one avoids me and my husband like the plague... and I really wish that wasn't the case, lol) Sharing some fresh eggs is a great way to gain the support of your neighbors:)

    Best of luck!

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