Where have y'all seen an unexpected chicken?


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Sep 27, 2011
I was at Sonic the other day just eating my cheeseburger and listening to the radio when I looked up and saw a chicken sitting on one of the tables! I kinda chuckled a little bit since I did not expect to see a chicken running loose through the middle of town! I guess it had been there for a while because the car-hops walked past it delivering food as if it were an everyday occurrence. Thought it would be funny to hear other folks' stories.
Once, just after picking my husband up at the train station, (in suburban Phila), I saw two people walking their pet, who was wearing a harness and leash, along the sidewalk. As we came along side them, straining to focus my eyes on their...."pet," I realized that the fluffy ball, walking on two legs, was none other than a chicken. It seemed like I had to convince my brain that what my eyes were telling it, really was true....if unexpected.

My dh and I were riding our bikes and stopped at a Walgreens. There was a Polish hen running around in the parking lot. We rounded her up and looked around at the neighbors until we found a house with chickens. The people were not home, so we overturned a random laundry basket, put the hen underneath, and put a rock on top in front of their coop. The coop had a padlock on it...????? I can only assume it was their chicken, but that girl would have to be Houdini to find her way out of a padlocked pen!
That's funny! I wonder if it wasn't their chicken....
Probably everybody EXCEPT me knew that chickens ran around wild in the streets of Key West, FL. So I was totally caught off guard to be walking shop to shop, encountering chickens along the way.
There used to be a white rooster living in the wooded median strip of I85 between Petersburg and the 460 exit. It wasn't all that uncomon to spot him along the side of the road. He was there for a couple of years. Haven't seen him for a while now

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