where is the list of sick chicks by breed


12 Years
Sep 5, 2007
i thought there was a running list of what breeds of chicks are effected with this spring hatchery mystery sickness,,,,can someone direct me to it,,,,,
It was moved because it was reported that not all birds in each breed were sick. However, as people are getting their lab tests back, we are compiling their results from the first post they make about it.



In addition, please in the future, if you need a mod, pm them. We can't keep up with all the threads and rely on our browsing and reports that members send to us.
I dont mind that they got rid of it. Just hope to hear some results on this test. I know everyone is patiently waiting. Thanks everyone for being so calm. I know the mods have there hands full. Please make sure that when you get these tests done to PM a mod and give them the results
that thread is locked,,,how do people post on a locked thread??????
you know,,,i am frustrated,,,,i know ,,it isnt alowed,,,but why does it have to be this hard,,,
maybe someone can tell me if favorelles or blue laced red wyandottes are showing up alot on the list?
no no,,i am sorry,,,that isnt what i want at all,,,i was trying to find the breeds of chicks that seem to be effected by this sickness,,,
Silkie, I think that's a wonderful idea, the thread you have started.

Mario2girls, the list was most likely deleted. We can't be sure that every chick of that breed is actually sick. I think golden polish was on that list, and I have a golden polish that isn't sick at all. It's not breed related, so rather then assume all breeds listed are sick, we'll go by lab results only.

Hope I explained that right.
mario2girls, I have 1 BLR Wyandotte that is affected by the same set of symptoms and do know of I believe 3 others of the same breed affected by a similar condition. I only have 4 girls all together with 3 affected so am awaiting the results of others next week to determine the next step.

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