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    Sep 3, 2013
    North Carolina
    So I have a local breeder here in NC...I have been going to him for about...4 years now?

    We have gotten Black Australorp from him before and were not to high quality but laid good eggs. Back in June I got 6 eggs from him, asking for Americana and Silkies. When these birds hatched, 4 of 6 eggs, we had only ONE silkie, and NO Americana's. I thought this was a mix up, for he had a new worker who had picked the eggs for me. What I did get fro those 5 were, one white silkie, a Japanese bantam, and TWO mixes. I was rather upset on the outcome of these chickens....I thought my breeder would have known which of his birds had laid what, and his birds were all with their specific breeds.

    Now, about 3 1/2 weeks ago I had gotten 21 eggs from him. ALL silkies. He gave me eggs he had just collected and gave me one dozen refrigerated eggs, saying they hatched they were all to be females...any which would have not were males.

    Before I came to his farm I called him asking for Polish Tophats. he said NONE of his birds were laying...ONLY his silkies. SO, I decided to get silkie eggs instead of Polish.

    when I got home, I took out all eggs which were cracked. There were only 4 cracked, which could've been my fault, the hen's fault or maybe his?

    so, in the incubator they went, for 21 days. On day 7, I candled. I realized I had only 6 which were growing that I knew of...
    I still left all the other eggs...incase I missed any.

    On day 12 I candled once again. Found that 13 were definite clears......GUESS WHAT! all refrigerated. UH HUH! YEP! I want to know....if I anted fresh eggs to hatch, then why would he give me fridge eggs? they were probably in there longer than a week. none of the eggs shown any signs of growth. THIS upset me.

    SO, I left the other 8 eggs in the bator. when the day came for lockdown, I candled once more to take any other clears out. I had two. These were fresh eggs, so im blaming the rooster.

    On the 31st, most of my eggs hatched. ONLY 6 OF THE EGGS I HAD BOUGHT HATCHED! I was mad, yes.
    the first hatched. I was excited! it was one of the smaller eggs of the 6, and I was exited for a tiny silkie. when it came out it had WHITE skin. REALLY?!?!?!??! ANOTHER DUD? well, he turned out to be another Japanese Bantam...even though my breeder had said only his silkies are laying (yes silkies and japs are kept separate).

    So, I waited. I had another hatch around 3. THIS WAS A SILKIE. Thank God. well, later on, I discovered she had a slightly slipped beak. yay. not. she is a buff silkie.

    Another hatched at 4. A JAPANESE BANTAM. AGAIN. well, pooh.

    At 7, a white girl hatched.

    at 9, yet another Japanese hatched. that was 3 out of 6 eggs Japanese! What the heck?

    another hatched ON new years had hatched. A partridge. VERY PRECIOUS! I love her to bits!

    Now, I have 3 silkies, 3 Japanese Bantams. One silkie is a dud. ALL silkies had 5 toes.
    I wanted to begin breeding my silkies. that was why I had wanted so many, although I did know some were not to hatch, because of fertility issues.

    My silkies I had gotted from him last time are also somewhat duds. My white roo is a non-bearded, bearded cross, making him have NO beard, but a tuff. His wings are also not good quality at all, but it may just be him. My silkie hen is a splash. she has 6 toes. not 5. it could've been a cross mixup, or just a 6 toed chick. still, a good laying hen, but not a show bird...although she had NICE wings.

    Im asking you all for your opinion. do you all recommend goin to a new breeder? ordering from anyone? I DO want excellent quality birds, any showy breed, show bird quality.

    should I go to this breeder anymore?

    who do you all go to? or order from?

    If you would like you MAY request to see pictures of any bird you would like.[​IMG]

    Thanks Everyone!
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    Find someone else.
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    I think you shoud go to another breeder especially If you want silkies to begin breeding your own. I can't recommend anybody specific, but check out the Silkie threads, and the classifieds here.
  4. bantambury

    bantambury life does go on.

    Sep 3, 2013
    North Carolina

    Ok! thanks guys! I mean, I rely do love my japs, but I had been fooled all were silkies.

    thanks for your help![​IMG]

  5. bantambury

    bantambury life does go on.

    Sep 3, 2013
    North Carolina
    any other opinions/help?
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    If there is a particular breed you are fond of, look up a breed club for it. Get involved and communicate with folks about where to obtain quality genetics. If you tell me what breed you are interested in I might be able to find a breed club contact for you.

    here's one for the Ameraucana breed club: http: //www.ameraucana.org/
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