Where to buy cocci vaccine?


12 Years
Dec 12, 2007
I checked our feed stores around here and didn't find any. Anywhere I could get it online? Does it come with instructions? Does it always come in a gazillion doses per vial?
Why do you want the vaccine? It's really not necessary in my opinion. Medicated feed will cover all bases if you can get that. I hear that the vaccine is questionable too. If you do decide to get it, not sure where. Good luck.
I will be raising pullets organically. Vaccination is allowed but medicated feed is not.
Ah. Good luck! That would be the reason the vaccine was developed. Good ol rules. I've successfully raised chicks without medicated feed and without the vaccine. Thing is, I introduce them to the soil outside on the ground very young so they get exposed to it over time and are not overloaded when you first put them out from the brooder.

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