Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?


Sussex Monarch
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Mar 27, 2008
When the World Stopped Turning: A 9/11 tribute

I was watching the news like I did every morning after getting the kids off to school,watched as the second plane hit the tower then the world knew it wasn't and accident.

I was sitting in bed on computer, DH was out working on my car when my ex and his wife came over and told us. We rarely have the TV on. On the 5th anniversary my DH did a 24 hour singing tribute in our town. He sings that song very well. Sounds better then Alan Jackson. My dad had just passed away in May of that year. Glad he wasnt here to see it. Would have broke his heart.
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I was at work, listening to the radio. I didn't get to a tv until that evening. The whole town just about shut down, we have several gov't agencies with offices here and those places were closed and the employees sent home.
I was 12 when that had happened. We were living in the double wide while our house was being built after our home was lost to the fire. My mom was 7 months along with her 9th child when the house burned. We are homeschool, and I was in my room with my mom reading a story which is part of schooling, and my older brothers was watching a class on T.V. One of my younger sisters had gotten a hold of the remote, and changed the channel, and my older brother was going to change it back, but saw the first tower in smoke, he hollered for my mom. We watched the second plane hit the tower, and people jumping off the building, and both building falling, it was awful.
I was in the shower getting ready to go to the dentist. Heard the news talking an got out to see what was going on. Saw the second plane hit, an the buildings collapse. Then went to the dentist an came back home an heard about the other plane hitting the ground.
I was a little kid watching "Barney" with my sister. My mom was watching the news in the other room so we wouldn't see it and get scared.
I was on my way to class at college when I heard about the first plane, and by the time I got to school, everyone in the union was stopped and staring at the CNN tvs watching the next plane hit. Classes were sparse, and every class had a tv on that day.
I was home in bed with my then 4 month old DD. She had kept waking me up during the night.
DH had gone out to help harvest our crop with his dad. A friend of ours called me to let me know.
I turned on the TV and started watching. Then ran outside and told DH and he came in to watch for awhile too.

I remember that day as the day the combines stopped. When I had first gone out I could hear them running all over the area. After the second plane hit it got quiet out there as the guys quit to go inside to watch and hear the reports.
I remember what I was doing the moment it happened.

I was riding my horse across the neighbor's pasture. The gelding was busy trying to snatch a bite of grass and I was trying to keep his mind off the lush green blades teasing his palate. Unexpectedly, the gelding stopped in his tracks and looked skyward. Forgotten were the long blades brushing against his belly. Perplexed, I sat back to observe the horse. He was not afraid or getting ready to bolt. He was listening to a voice I could not hear.

Ears forward, nose tilted toward the cloud dotted sky, I saw the horse's lower eyelids squint in concentration. His amber eyes scanned the sky. All the insects were suddenly quiet. I remember looking at a grasshopper crawling across the horse's mane and how she stopped. The mockingbird following us closed his beak and looked upward from the branch of a nearby shrub.

I remember the utter silence around me as my horse gazed at the sky. A few minutes later his nostrils fluttered a soft sound. He adjusted his head so he could look at me with one eye and continue to watch the sky with the other. His right ear turned to me. His left he kept aimed at the sky.

I stroked his mane and murmured we were okay.

I did not realize how wrong I was.

I will never forget how my horse knew before I did.

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