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    Sep 10, 2010
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    What website can i find out about chicken laws?
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    Jun 13, 2010
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    That site was quite handy, I was unsure of where I fell in the legal spectrum, but now I have clarity.

    I can have as many chickens as I want until the neighbors complain. I can cage them, so long as it's appropriate. (how sad that they don't specify!) If they destroy the garden next door, I have to pay for it plus a fine not to exceed $100. I'm allowed to shoot them with a blow gun or the like if I wish, but I better not shoot the wild birds.

    Also learned it's a minor misdemeanor to spit on the sidewalk.

    Also learned that I can't transfer a "downed animal" through the city unless we're on the way to the vet. Guess that's why we never see deer strapped to the hoods of trucks during hunting season?

    And you are absolutely not allowed to have anything resembling a pittbull in any way shape or form unless you carry $100,000 insurance and have it in a kennel with a roof AND floor.

    It does not list out the villages or townships, just the major cities of the state from the looks of it.

    Main thing for me, don't piss off the neighbors. I've made contact with the nearest ones and offered peace eggs (none cared, and welcome eggs!), and I have not gotten a rooster.

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