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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by jkcove08, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. jkcove08

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    Apr 12, 2007
    I am getting so frustrated!! My neighbors about a 1/4 mile away will not keep thier dogs home. The dogs are nice but they are bird dogs... In the middle of a blizzard this morning here they come. My daughter saw them outside the kitchen window and said they were scaring the turkeys. I have stupid turkeys that will not go into any of the 7 shelters in thier pen so they fly out and sit on the ground. Well one flew back into the pen, another flew about 40 ft up into a tree and then this one went into out wind break. I went out and caught the dogs for the 3 rd time since the first of the year and put them in out kennel. I have called thier owners again and told them they are here. They dont even come to the house now, just go the the kennel and get thier dogs and leave. Not so easy this time since there are drifts everywhere. I dont think they will be able to come and get them till tonight. Its not the dogs fault, they didnt have the young male fixed right away so of course he roams looking for love. The old boy follows along just to go. I sure wish they would keep them home. Jenn
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  2. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    How annoying. Is it worth calling your local Animal Control?
  3. wilds of pa

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    Check your local laws there,in most cases any dogs in persuit of farmanimals or you own pets(dogs cats) you can legaly take the dogs out.

    Or call you local police department or animal control.

    Ive had the same thing happening here, till i told the owner twice about his dog coming here and chaseing our birds, plus this dog wanted to fight with my 2 labs.

    i told the owner next time 3 stikes and your dog is out, in the mean time i called the state police here and animal control and they all told me i have the right to kill the dog, however me loving dogs i dont think i could do it, but after video tapping the dog on the second time, i showed it to the animal control officer and the owner got a nice fine, ques what the dog never returned again....

    Take video or photos of the dog so you have proof the animals been coming round...You never know whn you will need it...

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  4. jkcove08

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    Apr 12, 2007
    Actually I had to do that and my local sheriff will come out and shot the dogs if I catch them. Then we would have to get rid of the bodies.. I am so frustrated since we talked to the owners again and they said if we have to shoot them. In other words let them selves off of being a responsible owner and let us make the decission to shoot them.. I was sooo mad. On a good note my goose that was gone did finally waddle home!! Thank god!! The next time they show up I guess we will shoot the young one that started the running and see if the old dog will stay home after that. Jenn
  5. wilds of pa

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    Hey Jenn, why wont they fine them for it?? Id think when they lose some money paying fines they learn to keep the dogs penned or tied fast.. I know id hate to have to kill the poor dogs for there owners mistakes. But i ques if it would come down to doing it, it would get done...

    You ask for help and if know one seams to care then you take matters into your own hand and do what must be done..

    I hope your birds stay safe..with dog attacks its a very cruel slow death for birds as in most cases its just play for dogs when they kill, not like fox or yotes which in all cases i know of its a very fast death when they attack for food..

  6. WDPKS

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    Jan 21, 2008
    Norco, Ca
    When we lived in Id. we had the dame problem, we lived outside the dity limits talked to the owners several times, caught the dogs took them to the animal shelter twice & it all backed fired, the neighbors paid the fines & got real nasty so I just said heck with it & shot them, when the neighbors ask about them the only thing I said was that if they cared about their animals they should watch them more carfully & respect the other neighbors, but I did NOT tell them I shot them. So if you have to then do it I hated to shot them but I'm not keeping animals for their dogs to chase &/or kill, just do it but don't say anything about it, that will keep good neighbos
  7. JimnJanet

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    Jan 29, 2008
    S.W Pa.
    If you got a shotgun, empty the b-b's out of a couple o' shells and let 'em have it with the wad.It most likely won't even hit 'em unless they're pretty close but i imagine just havin the gun shot at 'em may scare 'em enough to keep 'em away. Or, if you have or know someone with a reloader, replace the b-b's with rock salt ar corn kernels even.
    Coop yer birds and spread a handull o' mouse traps around it.I mess o' mashed toes should keep away also.
    Lot's things to do short o' killin 'em.
    Go flog thier owner with a dead chicken ??

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