Which breed has the best temperament?

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Which ones are the most friendly? Good with kids/other chickens? Which chickens tend to be the least friendly or agressive? We have some RIR, NHR, EE and BJG chicks (I think). They are 3 weeks old and I handle them every day, but they still seem to be afraid of me. We also have some SLW male hens who seem to have a lot more character, but we can't keep the roos.

  2. Any breed is friendly and good with kids. It`s the indeviduals that sometimes go astray. I think it has to do with inbreeding, amongst other things. Time will tell.
  3. I'd have to say, personally, it's all how you treat them. Raise them young to be friendly with human contact, hands-on contact, any breed has the potential to be friendly.

    As far as your chicks go, I find that if you have some chick feed in the palm of your hand and hold it out to them, they'll come and learn to eat from your hands. Once a chicken loves you, they always love you. [​IMG] I've trained them in the past to come to certain noises. Try handling them also. Visit them a few times every day and read a book or do something quiet but time-consuming while you're with them. Keep 'em company and they'll see that you're no threat. Wait until they're old enough to give some treats and then the REAL fun will begin! Just get on their good side first. It takes time.
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    From just what I have read and people own experiences it seems the buff orphingtons are what I hear some of the best for being frendly but sometimes get bullied even though there big birds and also my second choice would be barred rocks these are the two types im expecting in the mail this friday so we will see but they all have their own personalities
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    I find that the chicks tend to be more skittish than the older chickens. When mine came to laying age, they became much friendlier. Good luck! Genie
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    Most breeds will be ok with kids, especially dual-purpose types cause they just seem calmer, but from my early experience as a kid, as well as some adult experience, (and don't shoot me for this you Leghorn fans) but Leghorns are often quite skittish and nervous. Any bird that feels nervous or threatened can lash out in self defense and I try to warn people with kids about them. They just don't seem terribly social with humans, and a little too skittish around anything that moves fast, like most kids.

    Also, as far as the chicks go, try to reach in at the side and then go from down low to touch them etc. Imagine you in a box with a giant being looming over top of YOU and reaching in with something about the size of a steam shovel (in comparison) at you!

    Here's a large chart, quite well done with lots of info on it including general temperment. http://www.ithaca.edu/staff/jhenderson/chooks/chooks.html
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    Quote:My very limited experience is the same as yours. We have 3 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Arauconas <sp?>, 1 Black Sex Link, 2 Black Australorps and 1 Brown Leghorn.

    The leghorn hen is quite skittish and she will even jump up and try to "spur" you like a rooster if you scare her. Yes, I'm sure it's a hen. LOL But she's a mean little toot.

    She's always been a little "off" compared to the rest of the flock. The others are like a bunch of dogs....always underfoot. I drove up to the barn the other day and literally had to stop the car because I was going to run over the chickens running towards me from the pasture. [​IMG] Our Barred Rocks, RIR's and the Sex Link seem to be the calmest and sweetest of the bunch.
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    I've only had RIRs, but I couldn't be happier with them. They are not agressive and are very attentive (like to eat out of my hands) [​IMG]
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    May 11, 2007
    I think bantam cochins are wonderfully friendly. Mine talks to me and responds to certain phrases. "Come on girl" always makes her come at a dead run. She even became a house chicken for two months when she injured a toe, and enjoyed sitting on my shoulder while I read the paper (she hade a diaper), sleeping in a cage in the spare bedroom, and bouncing downstairs when she got up in the morning. Truly people-friendly and easily handled.
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    Dec 20, 2008
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    What do you all think of Cinnamon Queens?

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