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May 4, 2008
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I have 2 Sebastopol geese(males) and I want to get 2 females....I have the opportunity to get either 2 female toulouse or 2 female embden(SP?) which breed would work well with my sebastopol? My boys are total sweethearts...so I want females with simular dispositions. Also these females are a yr. old...so is it possible to tame them totally down like my boys are?
Sebastapool's are extremely tame birds and you would have more of struggle taming any other goose than a Sebastapool. For the which breed you want I would talk to people who breed them and raise them to see what they think about the breed.
American buffs are a little easier to come by and extremely mellow. They are my favorite birds on the whole farm, thsir gorgeous feathers are only a bonus to their wonderful personalities!
I've had American geese and Sebastopols. Both are incredibly good birds for a home flock. If by tame you mean eat out of a bucket you are holding, both breeds do that. If you mean sit on your lap and enjoy it, well I don't cuddle the waterfowl. lol
I have dewlap toulouse, african and production toulouse. I also work with my local bird rescue and spend time with all types of geese. I have hatchd my own and acquired them from babies to elderly ones. I find it all depends on both past experiences and the individual personality regardless of breed.

Hey Kim! Good to see you. :)

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