Which chicken breeds are particularly noisy? Quiet?

Maybe give them something to distract them. I give my birds Flock Blocks to peck at. I put it in their shade and when they aren't dust bathing they are pecking at it.

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My silkie makes disapproving clucks too lol when the dog gets too near her. One time she laid an egg, stood about a foot away from it, and kept clucking loud til I picked it up then she walked away as if nothing happened. My polish is quiet, and my EE does the egg song every morning. My rooster likes to crow but keeping him in the shed in a small pet carrier til after 8 am helps a lot.
My production red likes to growl at my under her breathe but it is wuiet at least. My BO's are pretty quiet, but they BAWK BAWK BAWK forever whenever they lay an egg. My leghorns and EE are pretty quiet so far, but aren't laying yet.
My Wyandottes seem quieter than the Aracanas. Could be that one of the Aracana hens thinks shes a rooster. One of the Wyandottes wuffles and burbells all the time. She sounds like one of the Tribbles from Startrek. I love her. Sometimes I swear she is trying to speak English.

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