Which Chickens to Breed

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8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
My nabor has a road island rooster but says he is too loud and they are about to get rid of it. I have 8 chickens right now and becase of some reasnt deaths do to predators i have room in my coop for about 4 more. The only thing is im having trouble desiding which of my chickens to breed it with. I have the following:
1- production red
1- speckled sussex
1- silver laced polish
2- partrige rocks
1- leghorn and
1- black sexlinked
Hope you can help me
okay well the rooster just about killed my leghorn witch had part of its comb missing and a blood face by the time i could get him off of her so i think im mating him with the production red and the black sex linked

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