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  1. Do you discriminate when placing eggs in the bator or do you pretty much put anything in there? I don't mean cracked or dirty, but more along the lines of a healthy looking, normal sized egg. I'm asking because I have one that is really small, and I wonder if anything substantial can hatch out of it. Is it worth setting it or would you not bother?
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    A source I read said not to try with an undersized egg, but I have no experience, personally.
  3. It just seems like I'd be setting it up for failure. It's really quite a lot smaller than it should be.
  4. Just found this:

    Select eggs to be set by carefully inspecting and candling them at the time they are put in setting trays. Do not set eggs that are cracked, double yolked, misshapen, oversized, undersized or dirty.

    It was talking about duck eggs, but I think it would pertain to any eggs. I have my answer. [​IMG]
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    It could be a pullet egg and i have hatched fine with small pullet eggs an did not have small chicks when they grew off. If the egg is just small that does not really mean it is a problem.

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