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I'm not new to hatching but recently the girls have been laying very round eggs and when I set them in the 'bator this morning, I couldn't tell which end was which! I tried to candle but couldn't see anything; was hoping to tell which end the aircell was at. I set them in the racks the best I could, but I'm thinking I'll candle in a few days and see if I can tell then and flip them if necessary? Thoughts?
don't you hate that? I had a batch of duck eggs that were like that. That one was a real unsuccessful hatch for me & I think really some where just not fertile & the others had gotten shook up in transit but upon their arrival as I opened them I had such a hard time telling with some of them which end was up so to speak & it truly was a gamble.
My OEG hen's eggs are so round, they are shaped like a baseball!! I usually lay her eggs on their sides and hand turn for 5 days or so, until the air cell gets bigger. I don't know what effect it would have on the eggs if they were set upside down, and would rather not find out!
I have a set in the incubator right now that consists of round eggs and eggs that are pointy at both ends! I started them on their sides, and after 1st candeling I could see the air sac too. The last hatch from the same hens was great- we'll have to see what happens this time.
Thanks all! How soon do you think I can candle and tell? I don't usually like to candle the eggs and only candle before I move them to the hatcher. Sometimes at 10 days but they're usually always fertile so there's not much need.
If they are white eggs (or you have a good candler) you can probably see the air cell from 3-5 days. Darker eggs would be a bit harder, but by day 10 at the latest you should be able to tell.
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