Which Incubators are the...?


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Sep 27, 2012
Which Incubators are the best? I'm looking for an Incubator any reviews (looked under reviews here @ BYC but didn't find much)?
Thanks everyone!
Brinsea and GQF are GREAT brands but they are not cheap! Before my GQF I got a little giant incubator with a fan and egg turner and it did pretty well :) Usually the more expensive the better quality
RCOM is my dream bator. I am currently using a hova-bator still air. I think the success of hatching is based on factors that go beyond the incubator. How far were the eggs shipped from (if shipped, etc) and how much time you're willing to put forth, and how much effort...to hatch the eggs successfully. still-air cheapy bators do just fine for those who have the time to turn their eggs a few times per day and constantly monitor their temp and humidity factors. They're just more time consuming than the easy automatic ones.
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