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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Ok its crunch time its day 18 for super egg and will be day 18 for 14 eggs in about 5 days.
    Im gonna try to use my homemade bator as a hatcher due to to many eggs on diffrent days .
    I have been running the dang thing for days. It has a hot water heater thermastat.
    I have it so all sides are exposed to the air , it is about 5-6 inches from the light which is a 40 watt bulb.

    My dellima on one setting it goes up to 103.1-103.8 and down to 99.1-99.6
    on the next nudge down it goes so its 99.5-99.8 and drops to 89.4-89-7

    What should I do?
    Can I move the egg to some corner at the far end and hope for the best on the hotter setting or closer to the light on the cooler setting. I have two jars in there already as heat sinks.
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    [​IMG] I am going to watch this thread because I am making a homemade bator to use as a hatcher too, and I am going to be using the same water heater thermostadt thingy.
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    Quote:Candle try doing a thread search ^ up there click search, then use the search engine to check for:

    stabilize temperature
    how to fix temperature
    temperature swings
    help temperature

    and about any combination that you can think of chances are it's been asked, in fact I think if you just run pages 1-3 and READ there are a few threads asking about stabilizing hatcher or incubator temperatures.

    Many of the "homemade incubator" threads also address the problem.

    Help too hot
    Help too cold
    cooled off
    temp dropped

    Those are other threads that likely will have answers you need.
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    Quote:I have a fixed thermostat on my bator so I don't have any experience adjusting temps on these things.
    But I have heard folks talk about using a dimmer switch to help them control the temps on bators with adjustable thermostats
    Do a search of this forum, there's probably some threads regarding dimmer switches.

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