which one should i keep?


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Merrimack NH
I got two roosters for every breed i wanted for breeding so if for any reason one didn't make it or one was too aggressive we would have a second option.

anyway i have two BCM roosters i am trying to decide which one i should keep, neither one is aggressive... which one should i keep for breeding?

1st rooster





What are your goals for the offspring? Which one do you want the offspring to look like and act like?

Without knowing your criteria, that's like asking whether you should buy a pick-up, SUV , or roadster.
As a general rule, I weigh early growth (size at approx. 20 weeks) and temperament when choosing between two males, but I'm breeding for better table birds. Sometimes, if I'm playing around with color, that also gets taken into consideration. It's hard to tell which of your roos is superior from the pictures - if you could get both in a similar pose it would be easier.

If you don't have any specific goals in mind and just want some babies, go with the male with the meekest temperament. Otherwise, evaluating them by the BCM standard is your best bet.
We really only just started with the breeding and hatching thing last year...

we want the male offspring to be a good size and as for the females we really didn't have much in mind... darker eggs i guess..

the first rooster is very large he is more then a pound heavier then the 2ed but he is not as pretty... ( according to my mom .. that's all she cares about pretty birds )

we got the BCM's for the darker eggs and really really like them and then we saw how big the males got and now we want to breed them out for the eggs from the girls and the meat for the males even tho they take longer to grow and probably eat more then a CX or RR meat bird....

a majority of our birds are DP and that's what we really like about our birds....
A pound's difference is quite a bit, particularly when you're breeding for size. I'd take the bigger guy if he isn't showing signs of viciousness (which, I believe, is also hereditary and should be culled.)

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