Which Silkie Roo do I move out?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
I have 4 silkies. A blue hen, a splash pullet (just started laying 2 weeks ago), a black rooster (he's dominant), and a splash rooster.

I"m not getting any fertile eggs at all. I've watched the black rooster try to mount the splash, but she doesn't want anything to do with him. Never seen anyone go after my blue. I know that black is probably the best color choice to keep in there, but I wonder if they just don't like him. I wonder if I should move him out and keep the splash, do you think they'd be more accepting of him instead? He doesn't bother to try and mount anyone since the other one is dominant.

Or, should I move the splash out and hope that the black figures out how to get the girls to squat for him? The reason why I'm considering moving one out, is hoping that maybe too many roosters is intimidating to the hens or because the roos argue a lot, maybe they dont' like that? IDK! I'm grasping at straws really.

The roos are 9 months old, I've had them since Sept.

I would potentially move one silkie out to my LF pen. Would they accept him? or would they attack him?

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