Which to choose between PR, CM, SLC, and Blue Andalusian?


10 Years
Jul 15, 2009
Tomorrow I am going to pick up a few chicks and a lady that has Plymouth Rocks, Cuckoo Marans, Silver Laced Cochins, and Blue Andalusians, these are all breeds that I have not owned yet. I was hoping everyone would be able to point out the main differences and help me compare them all. I just love the look of the BA and that is why I am drawn to them. As far as egg production it really doesn't matter. They will be going in a coop with 6 other hens (GLW, SLW, Black Australorp, EE).
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Does anyone have any good advise for these breeds? They will be in a coop/run most of the time. I have been reading that the Blue And. don't really like that.

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