Which to get Cayugas or Call Ducks?? Help!


10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
Northern, Illinois
I was all set on getting Call Ducks this Spring but now I cant decide which I should get. Originally I wanted Cayugas but could not find a local breeder. Now I have found a Cayuga breeder and cant decide between Calls and Cayugas. Im also thinking about Black Swans?

For a first time Duck owner which do you recommend?? All comments, suggestions, and advice is much appreciated!! Thank you!
I dont have Cayugas but I do have call ducks, and I love them. I cant see myself ever without one. They are very friendly little ducks. They will carry out a "conversation" with you if you talk with them. The females are very loud, though. They are very easy to care for and to breed. The eggs are hard to hatch in an incubator but I always get 100% hatches under the call duck hens.

How could you say no to a face like this? lol

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I had the same dilema. I ultimately chose cayuga and rouen ducks beacuse I wouldn't have to worry about them flying away. I didn't want to deal with clipping wings or building an aviary. Just my $.02
How likely is it for Calls to fly away? I have a small lake in my back yard that I want them to use during the day, but be locked up at night. I dont want them flying away though!
I have only owned ducks once.. I dont know about Calls, except that they are cute..

But I used to have one Cayuga and one Pekin.. Same sex, same age.. I lived in town.. And the Cayuga got the cops called on me for being to noisy.. The Pekin was rather quiet.. They told me the noisy one had to go.. So I rehomed both of them.. The Pekin rarely talked unless I was outside.. And quietly.. The Cayuga was so noisy she never shut up.. Since I only owned two ducks.. I dont know if it was just her personality or the breed as a whole..
i have some cayugas and they are very calm and quiet compared to the others. i also want call ducks but i have read more then once that they are very loud!
Yeah, that would me my post! I bought 3 and one slipped past me and made a mad dash for the gate of the covered pen, she flew and I haven't seen her since! It is very heartbreaking when you have no idea where they are or what is going to happen to them. The other 2 will be staying in! I love them, but they are safer in than out!

I think Pekins are adorable!!!

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