White Ameracauna Pullet or Rooster?


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Kiowa, CO
I purchased this "pullet" a few weeks ago and was told it was a pullet. It is a pure White Ameracauna. She is now exhibiting rooster type behavior (more aggressive, dominating, struts, etc) with the other three pullets. We used to have another rooster about the same age, six weeks and was always thumping chests with him. What are your thoughts, pullet or rooster?

Can you get a side view? My white EE looks lots like her, but it is hard to tell without seeing the back and sides (and in Lily's case, the tail).
Here's the pic again, without going to an external site:

Hmmm. See your problem. No hackle feathers that I can see, but really big feet and a reddish comb. (but it looks like only one row of bumps on the comb). My guess is pullet, but I'm new at this.
Thanks, it's actually an Easter Egger. I was told an Ameraucana, but the legs are not true to the breed. She's still young too.
I got them from MPC last summer, and one of the 2 EE's that I ordered was DOA (trampled, it looked like) and the other one was a yellow chick. I was really disappointed that it wasn't chipmunk colored. Then she grew up. She is absolutely lovely.


Lily is the one on the left.


A very pretty girl.

I just got (3 weeks ago) 4 more EE's at the feed store. Love 'em.

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