white birds with brown skull caps


7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
Some of my British white birds have the common brown spots on the top of their head.

I don't know a lot about avian embryology, but I am wondering if this is due to an issue in neural crest formation. If they were mammals, that would be my best guess. Just curious.
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They got a spot on their head to tell them apart from an A&M would be my best guess. If they were mammals they would have all white hair with no spot because mammels have no neural crest formation issues.
Of course mammals have a neural crest. All vertebrates do. That's the whole point of being a vertebrate (qua vertebrates).

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White quail with spots on their heads are A&Ms. Vertebrates means Internal spine and bones. Invertebrates have a hard outside. This doesn't mean crests. I'm a mammal and don't have a crest.

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