White blobs in beard...whole flock



12 Years
May 30, 2009
So we noticed these solid white blobs on both our 2 month old polish and some form of it on our other bearded birds. Looks like they are firmly attached to the feathers. Any idea what it is? Coming up with nothing on google. It seems to be affecting only the young birds in one flock. Various degrees. Do you think it could just be food build up? Picture below.
It’s not anywhere else. Just underneath their chins. Can’t see any mite movement anywhere nor is there any other white chunks anywhere else. I’ve seen red mites before.
Ok, grabbed a few more random chickens. Found like 2 out of 5 with red mites. So, treatment? I have a flock of 40-50 chickens that free range. They are in the barn roosting. They have a small coop they go into for eating and a couple lay but they roost all in the rafters and on the gates/ fences in the barn.

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