White Chicks from MM-are they SLWs?


12 Years
Apr 5, 2007
Southern Dallas County, TX
Don't have a photo, but I ordered 3 SLWs, 12 EEs, and 10 Reds from MM.

What I received was 10 yellow chicks (they're the reds), 13 chicks that looked like quail (I figured they are the EEs) and 3 stark white chicks who have always been a little bigger than the other chicks, and they have green legs. Are they the SLWs? When do they start changing colors?
Sounds like those are some of your EE's.
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Right, I figured that out about the legs.

I looked at everybody at lunch today, and I see that 3 of the ones who looked like quail when they were much younger are starting to look a little more black and white, less brown. No silver lacing yet, but they also don't have green legs. Those must be the SLWs (I hope they are not the splash variety, but the laced variety).

The 3 white ones and all the quail-looking ones have green legs; those must be the EEs.

So, I think you're right; I think I have pure white EEs. Bummer; I didn't want pure white birds, as they show up more from the street and to predators. I guess they will be the "bait", if the situation comes to that.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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