White Crested Polish Hen Changing Color


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May 31, 2009
We have a 1-2 yr old white crested polish whose crest has been getting more black and less white recently. Her previously solid blue-black body now has white spots. She's looking more and more mottled and less and less black with a white crest. It's adding to her charm, just wondering if this is a common occurrence and wanting to make sure there is not a worrisome explanation. She doesn't seem to be molting, just gradually getting a white feather here and there. Thanks for any responses!
Sounds if she is a Blue Mottled Polish

Nothing wrong with that, just her adult colouring coming in.
Could you post a pic of her?
I knew you all would know!

Here's what Ady used to look like, but you have to excuse the bad hair day. It was raining.

Here's what she looks like now.

So, what's the official word? What kind of bird do we have? Thanks!
Definitely a hen -- intermittently she lays very pointy pinkish eggs.
Oh ya the bottom one sure looks like a hen but just saying the wet doo makes her look like a rooster LOL and of course the change in color makes her look like a totally different bird. How old was she when she started getting the white in her feathers?
The rain do totally makes us laugh. That's why we took the picture. We're not sure how old she is. We have had her almost a year, but she came to us as a hen. My 2-yr-old daughter wanted a chicken "with a funny haircut" so the guy who supplied us with our first hens located a polish for us. We didn't expect eggs so we get all excited when ever we get one from her especially since they look as funny as she does.

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