white leghorn chicks


8 Years
Jul 12, 2011
I finally ordered 8 leghorn chicks and they should be here in a couple of days, (can't get here soon enough!) Anyway, so when they get here I know I'm going to need the heat lamps etc for them. I was wandering though, since I have 2 other leghorn hens that are laying and are a bit under 1 year old if there was a way I could get at least one of the older leghorn hens to get used to them and kind of treat them as her own, without her going all broody on me. I've read many places saying that leghorns don't get a broody as often as other hens but would a hen take a "shine" so to speak of the other chicks? What are your thoughts? Thanks.
If my own Leghorns are anything to go by, they're more likely to 'own' them as a treat than to treat them as their own!

I have Leghorn X chicks being reared by a broody, and the Leghorns (who are their biological mothers!) are just plain mean to them.
I say not a chance! Sorry!
That's what I'm afraid of. When I had 5 leghorns the same age they were mean to each other much less having 8 little peeps in with them. I was hoping that some people on here had found some luck or brainwashing to do to them that made them feel all lovy dovvy.
Well, I guess it looks like I'm going to be a stay at home dad to a 3 y/0 2y/0 1 y/0 and 9 week old + 8 new chicks.....yey, I'm ecstatic
Wow. You have four kids and the oldest is just 3? That's got to be a LOT of work looking after them all!

Have you found a way to alter time so you've got 48 hours in the day? How else can you do it!?!

Can you tell I don't have any of my own.... LOL!
I have 5 that are very loving! I have read that they will not make good momma's, but these girls talk to me and let me pick them up and love on them. They are first at the gate (I know, it's because I have treats) lol, but they can take care of themselves! Good luck with your babies
I think your question has been answered. Just wanted to *say* - have fun! Our WLH are full of personality and very athletic. They are brave hunters and brave in general. We have a fort in the backyard for the kids that's nearly a story high and our WLH will climb the stairs to nearly the top, jump up, then slide down the handrail to the bottom. The first time I witness them do this I thought they must have not realized what they had gotten themselves into since they seemed a little awkward sliding down. I have caught them doing this at least once a week since and they are now pretty slick about it and it's definately intentional. I will take some pictures or try to get a video of them doing this to post because it's helarious and you probably have to see it to believe it.

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