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Jul 21, 2016
Magna, UT
I've looked around online and asked our neighbor who has/has had chickens for years if Cupcake (my son's White Leghorn) is a hen or a rooster. I know it's notoriously hard to tell with white leghorns. I'm rooting for hen since we got Cupcake for eggs, and the neighbor thinks hen too. Cupcake is 17 1/2 weeks old and I know time will tell shortly one way or the other, but what do you think? Is this an egg layer or a crower?
Could you post pictures, please? 17 1/2 weeks is old enough to be able to determine the gender.

My pictures didn't embed the first time around. Bummer. Well, here's my (hopefully) hen and some of her buddies. Wonder Woman, the Black Sex Link, came home with Cupcake (the White Leghorn) when they were just little bitty chicks. They're buddies for life and usually don't leave each other's side. Our Cuckoo Maran, Soccer Ball, decided to photo bomb a bit. Our chickens have fun names. That's what happens when you let your 5 and 3 year olds name the chickens. We also have a Red Sex Link named Sam, A Buff Orpington named Amber, and an Americauna named Chief Dan George. At any rate, what do you think? Is Cupcake going to start laying or crowing soon?

Poop. I really want you to be wrong, no offense! I've been comparing Cupcake to the White Leghorn rooster behind us. His comb and waddles are large and very red. Cupcake's are still more medium sized and not such a dark red. I read that White Leghorn hens' combs will fall over around 19-20 weeks and they start laying, while roosters combs stay stiff and they start crowing at that age. Can anyone verify this from personal experience?
What is it about Cupcake that makes you think Cockrel? Tail feathers? Posture? Comb? Some other feature? All of the above? I'm mainly curious so I'll know what to look for in the future.

I believe you're right, so I'm hunting for someone local who wants him. He's my son's chicken and he decided that if someone wants to take him to be part of their flock and live out his life, they can have him for free. Otherwise, he wants $5.00 for him if someone wants Cupcake for dinner. Guess that name was a bit of a foreshadowing.

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