White Midgets vs; gaint whites vs; white holland


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Midget White Turkey ---- An adult tom weighs 18-20 pounds and hens about 10-12 pounds, which would be call a heritage turkey

Giant White Turkeys ------------ An adult hens reach 25 pounds and the toms as much as 45 pounds.
yes I know there more of a meat bird and fast growing

White Holland Turkey------------------ is and what I serch on the web is a cross breed ;

This is a breed that was crossed in the 1950s with the Broad Breasted Bronze to create the Broad Breasted White. Standard weights are 36 pounds for a tom and 20 for a hen.

My question is this ; Is this true and with they breed true as a heritage turkeys or like the midget whites , I know its hard for the gaint whites to breed true and so I read .
has anyone tried to breed the white holland turkeys
from what I understand once the turkeys start breeding true they are no longer conidered a crossed breed.
and since 1950 was so long ago it appears they would be pure bred turkeys.
there are people on here who raise Hollands and have no problems with them naturally breeding, the only ones who need help are the broad breasted types.
The White Holland is one of the oldest varieties of heritage turkey and was admitted into the APA in 1874. The original birds were found by the Spanish explorers in the south west and Mexico and sent back to Europe where they were bred. Some were bred in the Netherlands then called Holland and that is where the name came from. From there they were brought back to the colonies by the early settlers. Talk about a long round trip

We have raised them for years now and they are a very docile bird, not overly friendly or curious but very tame. Good layers and sitters and very good mothers. They breed very well naturally and mature to be large birds.




To give an idea of the size here is a picture of a hen next to a 5 gallon waterer



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