White patch on the side of her head?


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8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Tucson, AZ.
So I recently noticed that on the side of my Buff Oprpington's head is this weird white patch where it should be red (I assume) and I've also noticed that compared to my other three chickens, her feathers are a little ragged and transparent almost. She's still running around and eating, so she doesn't act sick, but I'm just worried about her. I can't find anything out on the white patch on the internet, does anyone have any suggestions for a worried first time chicken mom?

Below is the picture of her white patch.

My buff seems to be doing okay. It's funny it seems to kinda come and go. Sometimes it will be really white, and other times, you can't hardly see it! Anyway, other than not laying eggs, she's fine!

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