White Peachick with slipped tendon..... now the other is too


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Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
I bought 2 white peachicks and paid $20 for another that had a slipped tendon I thought I'd try to save. At least it looked like a slipped tendon, but now the other leg is doing it also and I noticed a slight bow to one of the other peachicks legs. He said the original one was fine one day then the next day it's leg was bent. Does this sound like a genetic thing or a vitamin def? I feed 1/2 SS starter and 1/2 game bird grower, no gamebird starter here, like I have all my others I raised. I don't know what they were fed for their 1st 3 months.....
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Sounds genetic to me. Maybe the parent birds are too highly related. Kind of a lot to pay for birds like that, but it is nice to try to rehabilitate them.

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