White, puffy eye on my duck.


7 Years
Sep 18, 2013
One of my ducks had a white, puffy eye with some discharge coming out of it. It started yesterday and I separated her from the flock and gave her water with Tetratex, thinking it was respiratory problem. However, today I tried to clean it with saline solution and it looks really bad. She can't see on this eye and I can't see the eye, just the white stuff. I couldn't get it off the eye, I'm not sure that I should. I don't want to hurt her. It may be an infection following injury from drakes. Not sure. I would like to put some antibiotic on it just in case, but am not sure what I can use. Can I just use neosporin ointment or polysporin powder? I found Vetericyn online, but it's not an antibiotic, so not sure if I should give it a try: https://www.amazon.com/Vetericyn-Wo...e=ur2&tag=tyrafarm-20&linkId=EZQVEY5FLKLCKPRG. Any pointers appreciated.
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Thank you. Sadly, they won't ship Terramycin to California. I also cannot find my polysporin powder and I can't find it online either - discontinued!
If you don't suspect respiratory infection and she doesn't have any other symptoms I think you would be safe to go with the vetricyn she may have gotten something in her eye or some other aggravation to the eye Id try to wash with saline maybe do a warm washcloth on it and put in vetricyn drops to see if that will clear it up
Just the eye. Nothing else seems to be a problem. Though she may be in pain, cause she was shaking her head to the left, as if trying to shake off something on the right. When I used saline solution she didn't seem to care, only at some point at the end started making the same motion. and trying to get away. I don't know how much saline solution to use. I don't know if I should try to remove the white stuff from her eye.
I would use a warm cloth to wipe the eye of excess stuff rinse the eye with saline, if you use to much it won't hurt her just enough to wash it off and try vetricyn drops for the eyes. See if it improves over a couple of days especially since you originally thought it may be an injury from the Drake if it doesn't then reassess the situation and obviously if it gets worse or she has other symptoms arise I'd suggest taking her to a vet for an antibiotic
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