white rock chicks now 6 months what are they?!?!


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May 29, 2012
i have two white rock chicks i figured there pullets because of there small combs and waddles but ones become slightly bigger then the other and there bigger one has a more yellow tone to its feet but they both to me look like hens not roosters.... at what age do they usually (white rocks that is) start crowing???
I bought 4 month old White Rock hens in August. That would make them 6 months about now. They just started laying and I've given them supplemental light. Do your White Rocks crow?

Can you post pictures of them?
i will get some pictures up later today and i haven't notices any rooster like characteristic's but there not laying and they just keep getting bigger and bigger lol i did not know if the rock line just matured later then most or if it was the changing of the seasons i mean i live in Texas so we don't have a big change in weather and i have a pair of creel old English and they not only are a month younger but they started breeding and went broody and are now hatching out there chicks.... i was just wondering you know :/
My White Rocks are huge at 6 months and I felt like I had to wait a long time to get eggs. Even my 2 month old White Rocks are big!
The bigger one looks like a rooster to me. I think I see saddle feathers by the tail. I'm not sure about the other one, but there might be a reason you're not getting eggs.
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