white rock sexing help-5.5 weeks old


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Jul 29, 2010
New Glarus
So they are between 5 and 6 weeks old. White rock and a white/barred rock mix. Very sweet. The one with black dots is a bit bigger with wattles that are pinking up. Comb is bigger but mostly flesh colored... your thoughts? picture 2 and 4 are the one with the black on it.

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updated pics at 6 weeks of age...thinking it is a roo, do you see the same thing I do or could it still be a pullet?
Still not super red.. I would wait a little longer. At 7 week, I'd expect a cockerel to have a bright red comb and big red wattles. These still look small and light pink.
her moms legs are like tree stumps
By now if that was a male those wattles would be large and red..the comb would be pretty large.
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Could be rockXcornish with the size of those legs, meat birds

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