White Rocks? California Rocks?


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Well, I had thought the father of my chicks was a white leghorn, as that was what I had been told by the fellow who gave me the eggs, but folks say since my roo is barred, his father was more likely a white rock.

Do white rocks look a whole lot like white leghorns?

What can you tell me about their personalities?

Does anyone have pictures to share with me of your chickens that had white rock fathers? What do you think the mother of this guy in the picture below might have been? A Rhode Island Red?


Thanks for your good help.

I'd love to hear all about your experiences with white rocks. I didn't know they existed. Are they the same as California rocks? I can't find much online about California rocks at all?

Are his earlobes red or white? In the picture they look white but can't tell for sure.
White earlobes would point toward the Leghorn, red towards a White Rock.

I don't see any barring in your rooster, if you are looking at his chest area that is more like lacing and not barring.

I'm really guessing he is White Leghorn out of Rhode Island Red or some kind of red anyway.
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I've got a hatchery red sex link rooster that is colored like that, but he is not barred. I can't see well enough to be able to tell if yours is barred, but if he is, I'd lean toward him having barnyard mix in his parentage and not be a cross between two specific breeds. I don't know what was in the flock you go the eggs from.

It is also possible to get a rooster that looks like that where he is not a sex link. All it takes is the father to have the Silver and the mother to have the Gold. The offspring will all have yellow down and will not be sex links.

I'm guessing that yours has silver, gold, mahogany, and dominant white in him. That mix of genes does not greatly reduce the possibilities of what breeds might be in his parentage. Then if you add barred, I get even more confused.

I could be wrong. Often am, especially whe I don't know the possible parentage in the flock that laid the eggs.
His earlobes are red, and he's the sweetest natured of all the chicks that hatched with him, except the one I raised by hand, who is even sweeter.
Here is a profile shot of him:


If he were a red sexlink, wouldn't he have to have a white mother and a red father? His father was definitely either a white leghorn or a California rock. Red earlobes.

I think he does look barred in the wings. White on white is hard to see, but a woman who also has a barred white-and-red like him says the barring is easy to see.
Maybe his daddy was a California White, which is a cross between a California Gray and a White Leghorn.
that would explain the barring in the offspring of an apparent "White Leghorn" rooster.
California grays are barred and at least one hatchery says that if specific line is not requested when
ordering "White Leghorn" California White is one of the possible "lines" they might ship.
I've never heard of "California rocks" but California whites are pretty common.
California grays are also called "production black" I guess because the chicks are black
check out feathersite on California gray:


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