White Rooster


7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
We were planning on getting chickens in the spring, however, we unexpectedly became the owners of this white rooster. We would like to know what breed he is so that we can get him a couple of hens.
Is that yellowing in his wings dirt or actual colour? If dirt, he looks to be White Ameraucana. If it's colour, I'd say EE. However, lets just go with EE straight away, as they are so much easier to obtain. EE stands for Easter Egger. I have some white females that are EEs.. But they have green legs, and your boy has the correct slate legs.
Here is one of my white girls on the left.
It is actual colour. Thank you for your response. I am going to find him some pretty girls. :)
did you dye those blue eggs or did she lay them that way if layed kind of hen is that
I did not dye the eggs. They were laid by the white hen I posted before. She is an Easter Egger.

You can buy these chicks at most hatcheries, but my girls came from McMurray (their grandparents did, they have been bred here). So I would choose McMurray for a higher chance of blue eggs.

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