White Wyandotte X SLW: what colors can I expect?

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Oct 3, 2009
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I have 5 white wyandotte pullets and have the opportunity to add a silver laced Wyandotte rooster into the mix. I'm wondering what color(s) I could expect and if the result would be mutt chickens or would I still call them a 'true' (accepted color)wyandotte?

I've tried the chicken calculator, but at this point it's over my head.
I'm just hoping to get an idea of any color that might pop up and decide if i'd like to get the roo.

Thanks in advance.
If the White Wyandotte is recessive then they should be black split: white (recessive)
If the White Wyandotte is dominant then they should be white..
But I could be wroung I used a gen. calculator..

White wyandottes carry all kinds of genes from blue to sex linked barring. You can expect all kinds of outcomes.

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What he said

My whites are genetically SLW's with recessive white genes, so I know what I would get, but unless you know the genetic history of your whites you won't know until you try... Could be interesting though!

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