Whiting True Green vs Starlight Green Egger


Jul 19, 2020
During my search of what breed my chicken is I’ve discovered these two hybrid breeds. I can’t find much information on them but they seem similar. Are they the same thing just named different from different hatcheries? They both say they can come out with varying red colors, some with white tails and some with black. I got my chicken from Rural King but I don’t know what hatchery they use.
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Will the store tell you which hatchery? I know TSC told me which hatchery at one point, then started "not knowing" which hatchery a few yrs ago. I know Hoover's hatchery has the starlight green egger but not the whiting true green, don't know who else has the starlight green egger. But your best hope is to find out which hatchery that rural king (in that exact area) would have gotten the birds from.

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