who does the crowing?

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    May 24, 2009
    ok, if you have more then one roo, like I think maybe 4, all the same age, will the dominant roo do the crowing or do all of them crow? I ask this because we have never heard our other 3 roos crow, they are the same age but only the one crows and it is evident that he is pretty much the top dog or should I say top roo.
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    I have 2 roos 15 or 16 weeks, and only the little banty Cochin roo crows. My massive EE roo gets the snot beat out of him occasionally, because he can't fight back- crossed beak.

    I've heard him crow, but only when the little guy was in the house (trying to keep him from being heard crowing!)

    He does make growly and gutteral noises, like prolonged loud grunts. It's funny, because this is allowed, apparently, by the little tyrant. I hope I can hang on to them- crowing means illegal roos have to go....

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