Who else is getting chicks tomorrow at TSC??

Ruth Ann

9 Years
Apr 13, 2010
South Carolina
We are going to check out the new peeps tomorrow at TSC.
Hope they have a nice selection to pick from.
Hopefuly this time tomorrow we will have 6 new peeps in our home
Yikes! I gotta keep the hubby out of there! He'll buy every single one of them if I'm not there!
I major stocked up on all feed and supplies this week when our store put the sign up chicks coming. I cannot go in there until they are gone. I am too addicted. My "just a few" meaning the original 12 has grown to 61 already!
I read that ours won't have chicks until March 7. I may suddenly run out of something then and go see. LOL I think I really want some EEs. Didn't interest me at all when I was picking mine, but I like the idea of rainbow egg cartons.
I am using my newly learned chicken math ...
the little coop we bought last year is empty...what a waste of money.
Need to get new peeps to fill it

Oh...and have to use that cute water and feeder we bought for peeps last year.
need new peeps.
What if the hens we got last year molt and we need eggs...
need new peeps.

To think I never liked math before...LOL
Someone told me they weren't in until the 4th or 5th here, but I have to call and ask the closest TS if they participate in chick days. Let's hope they do! We recently moved (2 weeks ago) from Florida to Tennessee and the only one's still laying regular is the ducks. I guess the chickens need a little more time to get back into the laying sprint. Regardless we need to get more chickens! we lost 2 earlier this year

2 lost, but 6 more gained? Sounds like Chicken math to me....

(Rest in Piece Abigail and Rachel)


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