Who has the best Cochins?


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Jun 27, 2011
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I need some more resources as far as Cochins go, both bantam and large fowl. I have completely fallen in love with this breed and while I have hatchery stock I would really really like some better quality in the future.

I've tried googling it but I'm not really finding anything. Most of what I'm finding is just information on the breed and topics on random forums about cochins. I've been surfing through the cochin threads and I've heard the name Tom Roebuck a lot!

I need more names. Right now I'm up for any color because I haven't seen enough to have decided on which exactly I want. I'd prefer if they had some sort of a show record whether they took the birds themselves or whoever bought from them took the chicken and it did good.
Not sure if your interested in hatchery but I got mine from Ideal I got blue , black and Barred and they were all lovely birds . I did order a red and she is a sweet bird but not as full as the others and the color was off on her too.
I've got some from Ideal. I like them alot and I'll continue to use them but I'm looking for good quality now

ETA: I went through the whole list and marked which ones I like but there aren't many. I'm looking for good quality with a show record. Half of them didn't have a website or even any information on their personal pages.
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I have the best Splash bantams (as far as I know or have seen). You can see them on my website. I have started pairs/trios for sale. I will be shipping in September. PM me if you are interested. Tom Roebuck has the best Buff, Black, Whites and is furthest ahead in the Lavender project. Jamie Matts has the best Mottled and I think Blue. There are more ppl w/great whites and blacks. Hope this helps.
Wow! Those first mille fleurs are gorgeous! I saw a rooster in the auctions you put up that I might be interested in. I'll see what kind of extra spending money I have this paycheck.

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